Vet Dynamics Mascot

Meet Vet Dynamics Mascot – Dudley

He lives with Wilfred the Jack Russell Terrier and two cats Nellie and Nemo. He is insured, fully vaccinated and has his regular worming and flea control.


At 12 weeks old he was diagnosed with a suspected Porto-Systemic Shunt by one of our Platinum Academy vets at Downes Vets while on a practice visit.


Further investigation at a specialist centre using ultrasound and MRI technology the diagnosis was confirmed as a large and severe intra-hepatic portosystemic shunt. This was repaired by two ‘Coiling’ operations carried out at Dick White Referrals by Simon Tappin.


See the Video HERE


Thanks to Pet Plan Insurance Dudley is now off all medication and doing well.


Dudley’s experiences give us real-life insights into first-opinion and referral practices in the UK. Platinum Academy members have been following his progress since the start of his heroic journey and has provided many leaning experiences for the Platinum group.


Thanks to all that have contributed.