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About Vet Dynamics

Good veterinary care is the hallmark of a humane and civil society

First and foremost we believe in veterinary care. That is, we care about animals.


But we also believe independent veterinary practices offer great value to the community. Many independent practices are run by dedicated owners and managers, like yourself, who share our fundamental belief in the care of animals.


However, vet school didn’t prepare you for the business side of things. So when faced with the harsh reality of the business world you find yourself struggling.


Our aim is to help you realise your full potential in terms of business development and practice management. By running efficient, profitable businesses, you can make the most of latest innovations and deliver the best possible veterinary care.

Do you ever wonder how other independent practices manage to thrive?


Do you often feel caught in the busy trap?


Join the nation’s largest independent community of practice owners and discover a better way.


We achieve our purpose by:

Having a deep understanding of the veterinary profession

Possessing expertise in practice management and business development

Providing specialist services and products that enable you to develop skills, improve processes and implement well-crafted strategies

Creating a nurturing environment that enables you to continue your professional development in a way that gets tangible and intangible results

Remaining at the forefront of innovations

Only working with independent practices


What is Vet Dynamics?

Vet Dynamics is a comprehensive range of business education, analytical and consultancy services for independent veterinary practices. From one-day events to full membership programmes, Vet Dynamics gives you the tools and the know-how to make your business succeed.

Practice management consultants

Business development and strategy

CPD and training

Online resources

Business intelligence software

A community of practice owners