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Vet Dynamics in Conjunction with BBVet UK

Vet Dynamics in partnership with BBVet can provide veterinary industry benchmarks with Interactive Graphics and ‘What If’ Analysis critical to running your business and managing performance.

Using Interactive Analytics for Pricing

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“Intuitive, distilled, useful and clear, the BBVet software is an excellent source of information to make accurate, real-life pricing decisions. It removes the cloud of uncertainty and helps you assess exactly where your prices lie in relation to other practices. Very impressive, highly recommended.”
– David Steele (St James Vet Group)

“A really interesting webinar, which gave a clear and practical explanation of how to get the most information from the BBVet tools. This platform provides a unique perspective on veterinary pricing which I am certain will prove useful in my practice.”

– Dianne Storer (Cockburn Veterinary Group)

“I thought the webinar was very methodical and instructive. I’ve used a number of benchmarking platforms and had low figures in some areas which I’ve then wanted to fix but have not really known how except to guess at it. Working through the common fees to try and find a position for our practice in the marketplace is an excellent idea and saves a lot of micromanagement and guesswork that has previously gone into our pricing.”
– Geoff Tinkler (Strand Vets)

“The BBVet webinar was very useful in showing the powerful tools their benchmarking offers. A quick review of the base graphs were fairly user friendly, even before the webinar but the instruction was very helpful on explaining the extra functionality of the system. It highlighted some glaring problems in our pricing structure.”

– Martin Squires (The Green Veterinary Surgery)