Vet Dynamics Business Bootcamp

Veterinary Business Bootcamp

Building Immunity through Community


20th & 21st March 2020

Manchester Airport Marriott hotel, Hale Road, Hale Barns, Manchester, WA15 8XW

A two day CPD event for Independent Veterinary Practices, including dinner and accommodation

What is Bootcamp?

Our Bootcamp is a 2-day immersive event designed specifically for any independent veterinary practice owner, entrepreneur, start-up, vets and their teams who believe that independent practices can grow and thrive. 

To achieve this, practice owners need to:


      • Develop a clear business plan and a success strategy
      • Practice quality medicine and surgery
      • Attract, convert and retain better clients
      • Engage and empower their teams

Come and join us if you struggle with:

      • Cash flow and profit
      • Being too busy all the time
      • Clients – too many, too few or just the wrong ones?
      • People problems – managing team productivity and engagement
      • Fragmented systems
      • Coping with isolation and uncertainty



        • More time for the other things in life you care about
        • Team harmony and collaboration
        • Improved practice performance and profitability
        • Clarity in an uncertain economic climate

What we are looking for…


We are looking for 10-15 independent veterinary practices to join our Vet Dynamics Community and embark on our next Platinum Academy Journey or take up our Gold Business Coaching Programme.


Remember this is a no obligation, no commitment event.
The Vet Dynamics Bootcamp will definitely give you clear strategies and tools to improve your practice. But for sustained growth and success we are inviting a select number of practices to join our Vet Dynamics Community through our programmes.

Round the Campfire with Alan Robinson 
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20th & 21st March 2020

15th & 16th May 2020

What’s included…


        • 12 hours CPD over 2 days (Worth £847)
        • Special Rate Hotel Package, including access to leisure facilities (Worth £100)
        • Event Dinner (Worth £50)


FREE Bonuses:

        • Talent Dynamics Profile (Worth £97)
        • Veterinary Business Spectrum Questionnaire and Report (worth £197)
        • Business Book – 5 Ways to Immediately and Massively Grow your Veterinary Practice 

Ticket price

£497 + VAT*

20th & 21st March 2020

15th & 16th May 2020

*Price includes – Dinner, Bed and Breakfast. Friday night dinner and accommodation only. Single Occupancy. Tickets are non-refundable.

Bootcamp exceeded my expectations. I arrived feeling stressed and disillusioned about my practice and work-life balance…..left with optimism and excited about what could lie ahead for us.

Nicola - Practice Owner

This event is designed to help you achieve your long-term professional goals.


Because vet school didn’t really prepare you for the harsh realities of business, you find yourself delivering great animal care while at the same time struggling to develop the practice management and finance side of things.


This is where the Vet Dynamics Bootcamp comes in: by coming along, you’ll get two days packed with excellent business training for you and your team.


By the end of it, you’ll walk away with


          • a solid foundation to build on
          • a clearer understanding of the wider social context in which your business is growing
          • a revitalised enthusiasm for the future of your business


Essentially, this event is there to help ambitious independent vets chart a new course to success for themselves and the profession at large.

Look what delegates can expect to achieve…

Net Profit Graph
Turnover Graph


£497 + VAT*

20th & 21st March 2020

15th & 16th May 2020

*Price includes – Dinner, Bed and Breakfast. Friday night dinner and accommodation only. Single Occupancy. Tickets are non-refundable.

Fantastic Event! It helped give me clarity of vision going forward & put me back into the right mindset to progress our practice. Great networking and social opportunities too.

Sarah - Vet Practice Owner

Building Immunity through Community

“In theory, herd immunity means not everyone in a community needs to be immune to prevent spread of disease. If a high enough proportion of individuals in a population are immune, the majority will protect the few susceptible people because the pathogen is less likely to find a susceptible person.” – Wikipedia