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The brain basics of boosting customer satisfaction

The brain basics of boosting customer satisfaction

All customer interaction is a brain-to-brain process. As much as 95% of our decisions are made by the subconscious mind. Effective selling is the lifeblood of any business, but increasing competition and higher customer expectations make it difficult to close both new and repeat business.

Practice owners/partners must remember that each customer is the centre of his or her own world, with a unique set of interests, motivations and beliefs. To be successful, you need to discover those elements of their thinking, acknowledge them, and build on them in order to connect with your customers.

People prefer to buy from those who are like them. All too often, however, we fail because we’re trying to impress our audience with our knowledge, rather than trying to relate to them as people…

As a veterinary practitioner you can’t choose who you have to deal with.

The first step to adapting your consulting approach is to understand your own behaviour preferences and bias. Once you understand your ‘hot buttons’ – what turns you off and what you like, you are in a better position to adapt your behaviour for short periods of time in order to ‘step’ into the other person’s world and understand what it is they like and what turns them off. This enables you to develop effective relationships and increase your customer satisfaction success.

Think like a customer!

By Debbie Robinson

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