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Captivate and Capture: 4 Easy Ways to Craft Compelling Copy

Captivate and Capture: 4 Easy Ways to Craft Compelling Copy

We’ve talked about how, when and why to promote your business on social media but, there is more to having a successful online presence than just throwing money at it! Jo Correia, DVM MSc and Veterinary Communication Manager at Vet Inflow, keeps it simple with this guide to creating stellar content.

Ads, posts, events, promotions… There is a lot that goes on the day to day management of your practice’s page on Facebook (or Instagram, or even Twitter) and the success of all of these is going to depend on a good combination of attractive visuals and compelling words. So, how can you really go about doing this?

  1. Talk about topics that matter!

This is Rule Number 1 for a reason – people are taking the time to be on your page or to read your content and they are expecting to read something interesting, engaging and most of all, relevant.

In general, your audience will be your current clients, and leads that you can convert to clients just by using the sheer power of social media. This means talking about what they want to hear, be it promotions, cute cases, funny shares, their pet’s photos, situations or conditions relevant to the season or local events.

Also, don’t discount the power of your words. Your goal is to show what really matters to your business, how much you care and the effort you put into your services, so make sure your copy reflects that. Charisma, sense of humour and entertainment value are all qualities your content should have.

Here are some good topics to talk about in the Autumn for example: Fireworks, harvest mites, conkers, diabetes (November), Halloween/Guy Fawkes/Christmas dangers, poisonous winter plants, rock salt toxicity, antifreeze poisoning, helping wildlife (hedgehogs in bonfires and bird feeding), osteoarthritis management.

  1. Keep an appropriate length!

Notice I don’t outright say you should keep it short, or something about how less is more this is because there are a lot of times that isn’t quite right. There is a big push towards reducing the text on posts to an almost telegraphic length. After all, don’t people have a really short attention span these days?

Well, not quite! Give your clients some credit and write compelling copy in the length appropriate for what you want to say. For instance, my rule of thumb for the word length on a post about clinical aspects (a disease, a procedure, something new and exciting) is somewhere between 100 and 200 words. Another example is that ads can encompass a variety of lengths, from just a couple of lines with a strong call to action to a sprawling story that keeps your audience on their toes.

People want something out of what they take the time to read, so make sure you give them something interesting, informative and most of all that makes your voice stand out. Too few words and you’ll just be putting out empty content.

  1. Be consistent!

Like most things in life, consistency is the absolute key. It’s what makes social media so time-consuming!

It can be daunting but consistent, varied, high-quality posts are the backbone of your social media presence. If you don’t keep audiences engaged continuously, they will stop paying attention and building engagement back up might be difficult.

Important note: don’t sacrifice quality for consistency. Which is to say, low-quality content hinders more than it helps and it certainly turns off your audience if you offer them a flood of not so good content.

Here are some practical tips: Create content when you have a little free time so you can have a buffer of posts; shares from other pages are an excellent way to have fast content and also attract new audiences; know what topics are relevant for the season and keep a list; research new things to get fresh ideas and approaches.

  1. Try out new things!

And one last thing, don’t be afraid to experiment. All that I just mentioned, mainly because social media is continually changing, needs to fit your particular circumstances and your particular platform.

Platforms like Facebook are full of insights, metrics and information you can look at and analyse to see how well you are doing. Don’t be afraid to try something new and don’t restrict yourself too much.

Exercise creativity, surround yourself with people who can help you make your content stand out and sometimes, just go a little crazy!

I’ll let you in on a little trade secret: What you’re really trying to do here, is get people to talk to you and engage with your brand. You might think, well I won’t talk about uncommon things (i.e hemivertebra, diabetes insipidus, very specific breed issues) because not many people have these but… the people who have struggled with this will feel supported and they will go out of their way to sing your praises!

Keep the quality high and your content innovative and suddenly, this becomes much simpler!

By Jo Correia – Vet In Flow

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