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Carter is 6 months old!

Carter is 6 months old!

In December we introduced you to Carter – the newest member of the Vet Dynamics Community.

Rather than sending Christmas cards in 2019, we decided to put our money behind a good cause that can spread joy in a longer term, meaningful way.

We were so happy to find Dogs for Good, an innovative charity that explores various ways dogs can help people overcome very specific challenges, enrich and improve lives, families and communities.

When we learnt about the great things they do we became a corporate partner of Dogs for Good, and in doing so sponsored Carter, an 8-week-old puppy destined for great things.

We will be supporting him throughout his journey towards playing a vital role in someone’s life in the future and will give you updates on his achievements, as it is because of you, our members we can support this wonderful cause…

For the first six months the focus for his socialisers, Ken and Denise, is to make sure that Carter has a consistent routine. This helps him to develop in areas such as house training, learning to be left alone, and basic obedience. Normally, they would spend time socialising Carter around lots of people and animals, and together they would visit as many different places as possible. However, at the moment this work will have to continue in the home environment. Regular one to one phone and video calls will be organised by Puppy Coordinator Helen, to ensure Carter is developing appropriately and puppy socialisers Ken and Denise are comfortable with the exercises he can do.

“Carter has just turned six months old (9th April) and he’s no longer a tiny little puppy. He has grown from 4kg at 8 weeks old to a lean and lanky 17kg. This also means he is now tall enough at full stretch to reach the kitchen worktop, which is interesting!

We are also socilaising Gilbert a 13 month old yellow lab. He was all signed up ready to leave us and start ‘Big School’. Well like all schools at the moment, Dogs for Good training school is closed so Gilbert will remain with us for the foreseeable future. Fortunately the dogs get on well together.

This means we have started some serious Home Schooling. The Dogs for Good trainers have been working from home preparing videos, exercises and challenges for us to follow with our puppies. We can then video our puppies and post them back to the trainers.

Because we can’t free run our dogs in the public park we have to burn off their physical and mental energy at home and on their one lead walk a day, by lots of enrichment and games.

So Carter’s new school day is very roughly as follows: Wake up, have breakfast – Have a nap – Morning playtime in the garden catching tennis balls, tugging on a rope and playing tag with Gilbert – Have a nap – Lunchtime meal – Have a nap – Afternoon training session when we reinforce previously learned skills – Have a nap – Early evening meal – Have a nap – Late evening, lead work around the local streets to get him nicely tired out for bed time! (So life isn’t too bad for him anyway!)

The important thing is to keep our dogs happy, healthy and well behaved so when some degree of normalcy returns we can go back into public spaces with them. Thank you so much for supporting Carter and stay safe yourselves.

Ken and Denise, Socialisers

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