Continuous Improvement System

Continually improve the processes in your practice


Remove business inefficiency
Improve employee engagement
Improve the client experience

Currently you may be feeling:

Responsible for every aspect of operational management of the practice
Frustrated by having to do too many menial tasks
Overwhelmed by having too much ‘stuff’ to do, mainly other people’s job or problems
That your employees are dissatisfied and not empowered to make change.


We build a sustainable way to enable your team to continually improve the systems and processes within your practice. A way where everyone in the team can identify problems and opportunities for improvement and work as a unified team to resolve these problems and implement new ideas, hence continually improving the practice.

Ideas are easily recorded and recognised

The whole team are involved in identifying problems and opportunities

Problems and opportunities are discussed and resolved

Best practice is established

Solutions can be implemented, documented, checked and tested

Systems and processes are improved

The Continuous Improvement System in your practice will:

Promote Team Interaction

Improve Quality

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Reduce Need For Rework

Improve Productivity

Develop team Autonomy and Accountability

Streamline Core Processes

Gain Back Time

Reduce Costs

Improve Team Fulfilment and Satisfaction


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CPD – 4 hours of Veterinary Business CPD each for you and your team.


Members – £2297 + VAT (Payable over 2 months)
Non-Members – £2597 + VAT (Payable over 2 months)


Email: | Tel: 01793 435333

The continuous improvement system does what it says on the tin. It continuously improves the smooth running of the practice, helps with team bonding and branch bonding. The team feel they have a voice and autonomy to go with it so take ownership and responsibility which is very refreshing from a managers point of view. It's great to feel the buzz from the meetings especially when things get done!

Practice Manager

I love the principles behind CIS, we have had some very positive changes arising from this.

Head Nurse