Annual Conference – Illuminating Independents

Conference 2022

Stealing Fire – Rebuilding the Veterinary Profession


Prometheus is best known for defying the Gods by stealing fire from them and giving it to humanity in the form of technology, knowledge, and more generally, civilization.


The veterinary profession is in desperate need of salvation and a re-invention of veterinary business, education, human capital management, technology and more.


Efforts so far have been isolated, slow, traditional and frustrating.


This Conference will showcase some of the ‘fire’ stolen from other industries and technologies, and which are now being adapted into radical new business models for independent practices.

2021 Highlights


Ticket & single room for 2 nights (Thu & Fri) – £639 + VAT
2 Tickets & double room for 2 nights (Thu & Fri) – £1127 + VAT
Ticket & single room for 1 night (Fri) – £459 + VAT
2 Tickets & double room for 1 night (Fri) – £835 + VAT
Friday day ticket only (Not including evening events) – £270 + VAT



Brief Agenda
Thursday 22nd –
Evening Quiz and Dinner
Friday 23rd – Full day of inspirational speakers and lectures for all, followed by Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner in the evening
Saturday 24th – Take a leisurely breakfast and enjoy the opportunity to network before departure.


Please Note:
Thursday morning is for Mastermind and Platinum Academy members only. 1pm onwards all Vet Dynamics Members.

View the full agenda below:

Independent practices only.


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Alan Robinson

Vet Dynamics

Alan Robinson


Vet Gone Real

Olivia Oginska



Dan Tipney

Head shots

Veterinary IT Services

Jack Peploe


Garden Vets (Keele)

Sheldon Middleton

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Looking to Sponsor or Exhibit?


Take advantage of this great opportunity to network with independent veterinary practice owners & managers and join the movement to strengthen independent practices across the globe.


Get in touch with Claire Derry and see what opportunities are available.

Tel – 07525 810126

The Veterinary Vibe

The Vet Dynamics Annual Conference is a celebration of Independent Veterinary Practice.  It is a time for the Vet Dynamics community, members and non members, to come together to celebrate successes and enjoy excellent veterinary business CPD.


Being led by the Vet Dynamics Directors, Vicky and Alan Robinson, the Vet Dynamics team of Practice Development Coaches will host workshops and lectures, which inspire change in the profession and bring together our community of Independent practice owners to discuss hot-topics and enduring challenges.


We will provide insight into the veterinary world, have industry sponsors showcasing some of the most innovative and revolutionary veterinary products on the market and evening entertainment you don’t want to miss – network in style!


The Vet Dynamics Conference counts as 6 hours of CPD. Sign up to the Vet Dynamics Conference today and network with collective expertise within the entire independent veterinary profession!



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