Contribution Compass with Vet Dynamics

Harness your natural energy, find flow and maximise the contributions and engagement within your team

Happy, productive team = Successful practice 

Ever heard the expression ‘it takes a village to raise a child’? Well the same can be said when it comes to building and maintaining a successful practice. You need a mixture of skills and personalities to build a well-functioning, balanced business. A disengaged employee can cost an employer thousands in lost revenue and hiring expenses (since they’re also more likely to quit their job).  


If you and your team could focus more on what you are good at and what you naturally love, it stands to reason you will be more productive and content in your role and your business 


The Contribution Compass is not just a profiling tool. It is a highly specialised platform that supports personal growth, recruitment, team assessments and customised team workshops. 


Start your journey today and build a high performing team…

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Discover Your Contribution

The busy trap gets to us all… we get so caught up in the ‘doing’ that we fail to give time and energy to ensure we are working efficiently and effectively and in-line with our strengths. 

Spend 20 minutes of your time today and start understanding your thinking processes and your highest areas of contribution (your natural energy), and how you can leverage them to create the most value in your practice. This kind of self-awareness can cause a real shift change in your working (and home!) life.  

You will receive a detailed 20 page vet specific insight report.


Your Team


Whether you have a small growing team or multiple teams within your organisation, Contribution Compass will optimise your teams’ productivity and performance by creating a culture of appreciation and collaboration.


The Contribution Compass is all about building and better utilising an individual’s natural strengths and having the right people in the right roles.


Our Vet Dynamics coaches are trained and able to create a customised Team Assessment for your team, with strategic recommendations on how to balance your team for maximum contribution and maximum return.

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If you want to hire the right person for the job, you’ll want to understand their maximum contribution before you hire them. As a business owner you’ll know that recruiting the right talent can be the difference between stress and success, and hiring the wrong person can cost you over £30,000 if they leave within the first 12 months.


Don’t waste time and money interviewing and hiring candidates who aren’t right for your team. Use our Recruitment License Tool to hire the right person and to uncover their natural talents so they become a valued member of your practice.


The Recruitment License will help you:


  • Identify and hire the right person for the role
  • Save time interviewing unsuitable candidates
  • Improve your interviewing skills and insights
  • Reduce recruitment fees and costs
  • Create personalised onboarding strategies

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