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Growing your Business

Growing your Business

If you want to grow your business there are 4 key fundamentals that must exist to drive growth. These 4 key fundamentals will have to adapt and evolve during the lifetime of your business. If you don’t address these fundamentals at the appropriate time, your business growth will stall or even worse, your business may even fail.

The 4 key fundamentals are:

Vision – What drives you to continue to develop and grow your business

How – Systems, processes and approaches you have in place to run all aspect of your business

Who – Identifying a need in the market for what you do- or could do – that is targeted at a specific audience or niche


What – The products or services that are the core of your business

Businesses that succeed continually create and realign their processes to deal with, keep up with and embrace change.

But, it’s important to recognise that growth is not every business owners aim and perpetual growth is not everyone’s idea of success.

Lots of businesses reach a certain size and run out of ‘vision’, because they’ve made it to where they are happy and wanted to be.

But many businesses still have a vision but they’re unable to continue to grow. There’s lots of frustrated, exhausted and stressed out practice owners struggling to break through to the next level of growth!

What’s your story?


Blog by: Debbie Robinson


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