Heading for an Energy Crisis?

Heading for an Energy Crisis?

Isn’t life ironic?

I’ve just delivered a 2 day Time Management module to our new Platinum Academy Group in Manchester. This was their first group meeting which went really well. We expect a little of the usual group Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing process (if that makes no sense Google “group dynamics”) but they worked together really well and got into the Platinum Process immediately. Great 2 days.

You might wonder why we start with Time Management but as a matter of course I try to start all my management programmes with this. Over the next 12 – 24 months we are fill their heads and practices and lives with so much new and different information in a context very different from their clinical mind-set (we work on that too) that if we don’t ‘clear the decks’ first – create some personal management space in their already overwhelmed and reactive lives NOTHING we do or say will stick or get implemented – so, 2 days of ‘clearing the runway’.  Life changing stuff!

Anyway, back to irony.

To deliver this I needed to crawl from my sick-bed at home after 3 days of fever, sweats and gastro-intestinal detail you don’t need to know about, pull myself together and give some semblance of Zen calm, organisation and thorough Quadrant II preparation and forethought – the quintessential Time Management Guru!

It may have been a virus or bug that the kids brought home or something I ate but the truth of the matter was I had an Energy Crisis. We had a very busy Autumn running marketing programmes for new members, we took on new staff for Marketing and Data Analysis, a hectic and emotionally busy Christmas, overoptimistic New Year resolutions and hit the ground running with new groups in January.

I just ran out of Energy and hit the ground. THUMP!

The reality for all of us as busy clinicians, consultants, partners, husbands, wives, business owners, managers and who knows what else it is not really about Time – it’s about Energy Management. We’ve all got a watch to measure the passing of time but where is the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Ergometer that is easy to read – and where is the red line?

One of the exercises we do with our Mastermind group (Lifers) is an Energy Crisis Check*.

Why not download it HERE and check to see how YOU are doing before you too have an Energy Crisis.

To your Health & Wealth

*The Energy Crisis Check is taken from Managing Yourself – Harvard Business Review

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