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Share Your Thoughts & Pay Tribute To John

Share Your Thoughts & Pay Tribute To John

Mr John Phillip Sheridan BVetMed MRCVS

John Sheridan will go down in history as the Grandfather Guru of Veterinary Business, as well as being one of the kindest, most generous people, loved and respected by many.

John graduated from the RVC London in 1960, he was President of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (1974-1975), the first President of the VPMA (1993-1996), and was Chief Veterinary Officer at its launch in 1998.  He was renowned as speaker and educator on Veterinary Business worldwide.

John died peacefully at his home on Sunday 19th April 2020, following a short illness, with his wife Maureen and his children at his side.  His son, Gavin, said that the family have been overwhelmed by the messages they have received in such a short time; they probably weren’t aware how highly regarded he was by the profession and they are deeply touched.  All of the kind words sent to them about John as a professional also relate to John as a husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather; that’s who he was, through and through.

Outside of the profession, John enjoyed playing the saxophone and until recently, generous as he was with his time to help others, served as a Community Responder with the Ambulance Service.

Always keen to share his vast knowledge, John started his Veterinary Business Show in 2004, sending out advice and discussion to his members and has created a library of 250 informative videos as well as many articles and reports.

When John received his diagnosis in the Autumn of 2019, he asked Alan Robinson, Director of Vet Dynamics to look after his work and to also ensure his new version of his Profitability Survey and an on-line veterinary business course he was putting the finishing touches to, would go ahead and be offered out to the profession.  Alan and the Vet Dynamics team are extremely honoured to look after John’s legacy and will ensure his work is available to be enjoyed by all.

“The veterinary profession owes John a huge debt of gratitude for the last 60 years for his work in veterinary practice management. That gratitude is long and deep in the profession. I’ve been having lots of conversations with people around the world and the empathy, recognition and the respect is global. He hoed a very deep furrow through the veterinary profession, both professionally and personally, through veterinary business management, business innovations and the wisdom he has constantly delivered to several generations of practice owners and managers.

He was a huge personal inspiration for me and probably got me started on my pathway of management and leadership. If I can look back with the same pride and the same contribution to the profession that he can, as a result of my time in the veterinary profession it will be, for me, a life well lived.”  Alan Robinson, Director, Vet Dynamics

“John was a forward thinker and never wavered in his mission to put business training in the veterinary profession on the agenda. Many of us will have benefitted, knowingly or unknowingly, for his leadership in this field. He will be missed by the veterinary community and my thoughts go out to his family.”

Anna Judson, SPVS President

“John was a visionary. He was doing online learning before anyone else. I always enjoyed sharing ideas with John. He will be missed.”

Anthony Chadwick, Webinarvet

“In 1996, the year after I graduated, I bought the only book on veterinary business I could find written by someone called John Sheridan and Owen McCafferty.  I was enthralled by it and it inspired me to study for an MBA.  I told John this 8 years ago after my dad died as I felt it was a pity not to get around to telling people how much of an influence they have had on your life, until it is too late. This book has been on my bookshelf ever since”.

Dr Brian Faulkner

A tribute site is being set up for anyone who would like to show their appreciation to John, it will be in the form of a memory book and will be live from Tuesday 21st April.

A small family burial will take place at the end of April and once we are released from the COVID lockdown, a memorial ceremony will be arranged so we will all have an opportunity to show our respects to the great Veterinary Surgeon and legend John Sheridan; we’ve recommended a large venue.


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