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Planning in a Crisis – Keep it Short-term, for now

Planning in a Crisis – Keep it Short-term, for now

The ongoing pandemic reminds us how important it is to plan for the future. Just imagine if our global leaders had planned for such a crisis…

Clearly, we won’t be going back to yesterday (would we want to?) to our old ways of living and working once the worst of this crisis is over. Tomorrow will be very different. So, we need to reframe the vision of our ideal future, today.

But, in terms of our business, how far ahead should we look right now?

When we focus far ahead, our brains imagine various versions of a ‘future’, ideals, what if’s, possible ‘visions’. It then carries out risk assessments; continually scanning for threats that could hinder or hurt those visions; the things important to us, our families, our business and our teams.

Under normal circumstances, this risk assessment is useful, often at times, it’s even crucial. During a crisis however, it can cause fear and worry in undesirable quantities. And what do we know about ‘worry’ (besides it being like sitting in a rocking chair?), it gets the better of us and occupies our attention to no good effect. Tension, sleepless nights, preoccupation, illness and distraction around the people we care for; the side effects are endless. Planning, of any kind then, is much harder to achieve.

Looking less far ahead, has the opposite effect and actually helps to calm our minds, giving us a sense of control rather than helplessness.

Focus on near-term planning.

Decide on just 3 ‘What’s’ that you want to achieve in the next 90 days. Then establish just 3 ‘How’s’ that will achieve those. We’re not going big picture here. Prepare to narrow the lens a lot. Expand on the detail. Zoom right in.

And that’s it!

These ‘lily pad’ goals are the small but significant milestones that will keep you heading in the right direction, keep you focused and help keep you in the present. No worries.

By Debbie Robinson

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