Practice Performance Review

Practice Performance Review


Are you too busy working IN your practice to work ON it?


Are your vets charging properly?


Are you worried your clients are being attracted to competitors?


Do you have a clear business plan or are you looking for an exit strategy?



Our Practice Performance Review is specifically designed to IMMEDIATELY and EFFECTIVELY improve practice performance and profitability, show you how to improve vet performance and give you sustainable management strategies for the future. It includes:


      • Financial Analysis
      • Strategy Meeting


You will also have access to the Vet Dynamics Index, which will give you a complete financial overview of your practice – we give you training and support to get set up and even if you don’t like numbers, our coaches will show you how easy it is to turn your data into decisions!



YOU will get…


Financial Analysis
A comprehensive assessment of your practice, analysing your finances from five perspectives:


      • Cost Control
      • Pricing
      • Debt Management
      • Implementation and consistency of charging
      • Missed opportunities for professional services


Strategy Meeting
A practice financial and marketing analysis reviewing:


      • Your financial performance in detail
      • Vet performance: pricing, implementation of pricing and invoicing
      • Practice performance and potential
      • Practice development opportunities
      • Your marketing strategy
      • Cost savings
      • Increased efficiency
      • Improved profitability
      • Your financial goals and budgets


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