Resolving the Conflict in Your Mind - Logic versus Emotion - Vet Dynamics

Resolving the Conflict in Your Mind – Logic versus Emotion

Resolving the Conflict in Your Mind – Logic versus Emotion

Yesterday’s announcement has stirred a hornet’s nest of questions for everyone, and as business owners, we are supposed to respond like parents and have clear and confident answers, aren’t we? There probably won’t be too many who will put their hands up and say that this truthfully describes their current response; and even if able to demonstrate that outwardly, it’s probably not what it feels like inside our heads just now…

The near future is going to force us to access the part of our brains that deal with emotion; not everyone’s favourite quadrant if the preference is veterinary science. So how do we help the nurse who is scared of leaving her home, coming to work, catching Covid-19 and dying? What about the vet whose wife is an essential worker and can’t get childcare?  We may even be thinking ahead to reducing our workforce to keep our business lean and efficient enough to survive; this might mean making some really hard decisions that could affect others lives significantly.

How equipped are we to have all these conversations and what adverse effects on our health are we feeling in anticipating these conversations? Maybe feeling knots in your stomach just thinking about it?

The logical part of our brain will argue of course that the emotions are insignificant; that the actions are necessary for the safety of everyone and for the future of the business. So why is it so hard to starts these conversations?  Are we pre-empting our colleague’s feelings and reactions? Could we avoid dealing with them all together perhaps and spend a little more time in ‘procrastination city’? Given the lessons we learnt together as a country entering this pandemic, my guess is that would not serve any useful purpose.

Instead of procrastinating, why not ‘phone a friend’? We are here to hold your hand through this (does that make us the Grandparents – perhaps the fairy godparents?), but whatever the question is, please ask one of us, talk it over, WhatsApp your group, ask the Facebook Community, whatever works for you.

Please don’t waste precious time beating yourself up, worrying or procrastinating. You aren’t alone, you are part of an amazing veterinary family; lean on us and create happiness instead of conflict.

By Vicky Robinson


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