Vet Dynamics Academies

Join a community of like-minded practice owners

Reduce your workload


Improve practice and team performance


Increase profitability without sacrificing ethical standards


Our Academies are designed to suit a variety of needs. We bring together independent practice owners so they can learn, grow and develop the business element of their professional life.

Platinum Academy

The Platinum Academy is a combination of software, expert business consultancy and specialised business training for independent practice owners and their management team.


You’ll be in a group of around 10 like-minded practice owners.


      • The group meets 6 times a year for structured management time
      • Each meeting is led by a professional veterinary business coach
      • Outside the Platinum Academy you’ll have a dedicated coach
      • You’ll have access to INDEX, a business intelligence tool that enables you to turn practice data into wise decisions
      • An expert will help you make sense of the INDEX results
Why Join?

Being a Practice Owner can be an isolated role. Who do you turn to?


The Platinum Programme gives you inspiration, training and support. This feeds back into your practice on different levels: team performance, revenue and profit, client care, leadership and data management.


Essentially, it is a growth accelerating investment that generates tangible and intangible returns both personally (in the way of less work and more time) and professionally.


By working on all the various elements, you increase the overall efficiency of your practice. This leads to:


      • less work for you
      • satisfied clients who stay loyal to your practice
      • more income
      • more capital to reinvest
      • a happier, more motivated team


This is why we have many happy members who’ve stayed on the Platinum Programme for several years.


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Full List of Features
      • Platinum Practice Academy: 5 two-day Academy meetings a year with expert coaching
      • Free access to the Vet Dynamics Annual Conference
      • Access to the Platinum Practice Development Library
      • A subscription to Vet Dynamics INDEX
      • Quarterly INDEX reviews with a dedicated analyst
      • Monthly phone-consultation with a dedicated business coach
      • Regular accountability and implementation sessions to ‘get things done’
      • Industry-wide practice performance benchmarking
      • Subscription to the newsletter
      • Online Resource Centre
      • Exclusive Vet Dynamics facebook group
      • Cost Control Manager
      • Performance Manager
      • Project Management Software
      • Discounted training events for your staff
      • Email and phone support
      • A quarterly Vet Dynamics training CD
      • Monthly practice management webinars

Get Started


If you’re interested in joining, schedule an appointment and we’ll get back to you.

Alternately, come along to our Business Bootcamp event.

We understand that not everyone can take time out of the practice and commit to regular meetings. Please call us on 01793 435333 to see if we can help you find a more suitable solution or have a look at our Gold Programme.

Mastermind Academy

This academy is for practice owners that want to take their CPD to the next level. Due to the in depth nature of the modules, it is only available to members who’ve completed 2 years of Platinum Academy.