Independent Veterinary Business Startups: create the right plan and grow

Veterinary Business Start-ups

Start-up Business Support


Business planning, guidance and advice from conception through to launch.

Looking to start your own veterinary practice? Let us help you on your journey…


Making the jump from veterinary professional to practice owner can take months or years, but generally consists of a few key stages, each very different and each requiring different levels of commitment and knowledge.

We have developed a set of bespoke support packages to cover each stage of your business journey, giving you what you need, when you need it.

What stage are you at?


Stage 1


I’m ready to be my own boss but don’t know where to start.


What is your vision? How will the business fit around your personal life? What is your unique offering? Mapping these things out will help you to determine if you really want to turn your dream into a reality.


This is the stage to be realistic about your abilities in business. Understanding your areas of strength and (more importantly) weakness is these areas is crucial to your future success so no rose-tinted glasses here, be honest! If spreadsheets turn you cold or people management fills you with dread, now is the time to say. This will help you identify who you need to support you on your journey.

Start Ups

Stage1 – Start Up Check Up

£347.00 + VAT


It starts with a call, it’s that simple! We’ll have a chat, run through options, send you resources and help you move forward, at your pace.

  • 1 hour call with an experienced coach
  • Our Start Up Questionnaire
  • Links to relevant and current planning permission guidelines
  • SWOT template and guide
  • Links to free demographic resources
  • Access to a personal profile tool (worth £65)

Stage 2


I’ve made the decision; I have potential premises but need funding / not sure what to do next.


The success of your journey to independent practice ownership, relies on the presence and the careful balance of three core elements:


    Key business planning, done well and at the right time, provides the foundations for success in your first year. Our curriculum provides the content, resources, templates and learning material, essential to turning your dream into a reality.


    Bespoke guidance and feedback allows us to focus on what’s most important to you. Our experts and personal one to one coaching will support your individual requirements, helping you further define your unique vision and build the skills needed for your life in leadership.


    Whether you’re currently employed in practice, locuming, or diversifying into veterinary business, the level of time and commitment you can give this project may fluctuate. We have designed our Academy to support even the most demanding of schedules. Learn and take guidance at your own pace.
stage 2

Stage 2 – The Start Up Academy


£1,997 + VAT one off fee OR 6 monthly payments of £347 + VAT


Perhaps you’ve spoken to us in the past and now is the right time for you.

A new generation of independent veterinary entrepreneurs are emerging and planning great things for their future.

Are you ready to plan yours?

  • An evergreen programme that can be accessed and completed at your convenience
  • 6 modules, each containing a 1.5 hour tutorial with homework
  • Coach feedback and guidance available throughout the duration of your course
  • 3 x (up to) 1 hour coach calls depending on your needs

6 Modules:

1. Defining the Vision

2. Turning the Dream into Reality

3. Planning Your Client Journey

4. Mastering Marketing

5. Recruiting the Right Team

6. Operational Set-up and Timelines

Stage 3


I’m just about ready to promote and launch my practice, aahhh!


Now is the time to create a project plan and confirm your operational timelines.  It is time to promote your practice and build relationships in the local community, your potential clients.


You will need to develop a website, social media pages, adverts, digital content, shop signage, and as much pre-launch traction as you can muster from within the local community.


It is best to aim for a 12-month marketing plan, 6 months pre-launch and 6 months post-launch.


Recruitment will be another critical element of this phase. Your objective is to have a team that works with you, rather than for you; a team that will be beside you in this venture, not dragging behind.


For more information on this package please call 01793 435333 or email

stage 3

Stage 3 – Intensive Care


£347 + VAT per month for 6 months


It takes a significant investment of time and energy to set up a new business. Having the right support network and experience around you, gives you the absolute best chance of succeeding in that first tough year.

  • Monthly Coaching Call – Whether it’s team, cash flow, pricing or time, let us help you assess, determine focus, and highlight the tools to tackle them.
  • Access to our resource library – Webinars, advisory documents, templates and other resources built over a decade. If you need it, we’ll have it!
  • Access to our closed Facebook Community group – Share insights, successes, questions and advice on everyday issues in this members only independent community.
  • Preferential rates for our events and Toolbox services – Enjoy special members only rates on all our non-clinical CPD events and toolbox services.
  • Weekly ‘Dynamic Drop In’ sessions – Stay informed, help each and make connections.

Vet Dynamics have helped more than 600 veterinary practices build high performing resilient teams, robust businesses and rewarding relationships.


We believe planning, people and integrity are key to long-term collaboration, growth and professional fulfilment.

Success doesn’t happen by accident. It takes self-belief, deliberate action, commitment and support.
- Alan Robinson B.V.Sc MRCVS DMS