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Services for established independent practice owners


As a practice owner you may face many frustrations such as slow growth, little ROI, a team that’s under-performing, a poor work-life balance. In fact, you work many hours and the pressure is always on you.

Sometimes it feels like your life is consumed by work, work and more work.

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The Solution

Invest in products and services that improve your overall practice performance. By making your business more efficient, you will achieve more and free up time.


Good planning and implementation will let you achieve your goals.

Develop a better understanding of running a veterinary business

Develop overall strategies and then implement them

Learn how to inspire your team with tried and tested leadership skills

Use software that can turn PMS data into practical decisions

Be part of a supportive community of like-minded, ambitious practice owners

Vet Dynamics: Services for you

Platinum Academy


Our Platinum Academy would be the option for you. It’s a combination of professional coaching with regular planning sessions and leading-edge software, which will help you achieve your aims. Find out more…

Features of being in Platinum Academy

Our team of developers have created the INDEX. This software enables you to make sense of PMS data. The INDEX is included free with the Platinum Academy.

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You will gain access to host of affordable tools that enable you to implement your new strategies or solve problems within your practice. The tools are cost-effective and tailored to the veterinary profession.

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Members of the Platinum Programme can give their vets extra training at our Vet Academy. Areas covered: Time Management and Stress, Communication and Consultation Skills, Improving Personal Performance.

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