Six simple tips for super productivity

Six simple tips for super productivity

Even though there are numerous prioritizing and organizing aids available, productivity is really more about self-discipline than using a mountain of tools or the newest high-tech gadget. Learning and applying behaviours that will help you get more done—in less time—will result in a higher level of productivity and overall happiness at work and at home. We’ve got six tips guaranteed to help you become more productive right away.

1. Get undesirable tasks out of the way first.
Maybe it’s simple psychology or maybe it’s just human nature, but if you get the “unpleasant” tasks out of the way first, your day is left open to everything good that follows. Plus, you won’t have a looming sense of dread following you around all day.
2. Give yourself time to breathe each day.
Nobody said that productivity could only be achieved by filling every available minute of your day. In fact, taking a moment to do “nothing” can do as much to recharge your batteries as a short walk or nap. Don’t forget to ‘breathe’

3. Look for the joy in your job.
Disliking your surroundings causes undue stress and unhappiness, which affect both your personal and professional life in the long run—not to mention your health. There is a reason you chose your job in the first place; reconnect with that purpose, ‘the why’, and focus on the pleasure and pride you get from doing a good job.
4. Pay attention to your energy levels.
Not everyone is more productive in the morning; some people are at their best early afternoon or even late in the day. Pay attention to when you feel most alert and try to schedule your most important tasks during that time.

5. Don’t multitask.
There is a popular misconception that you’re more productive if you can do many things at once. The truth is, often employees inadvertently sacrifice accuracy for speed. Bottom line: Just because you complete a million tasks doesn’t mean you did them all well. For greater overall productivity, concentrate on doing one thing right instead of doing many things quickly.
6. Spread the good vibes.
Don’t be stingy with thanks or praise for people who make your job (and your life) easier every day. Make the effort to express genuine gratitude when someone helps you out, and you will receive good feelings in return.
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