Sustaining Peak Performance During A Pandemic – How To Be Your Best While The World Is At Its Worst

Sustaining Peak Performance During A Pandemic – How To Be Your Best While The World Is At Its Worst

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Crazy week, right?

Hope you’ve all been managing well given the turbulence.

It’s been interesting to observe how people respond.

We’ve seen a lot of people severely spin out over CO-VID 19 and the consequences.

Folks who’ve literally been watching the news every second of the day and the subsequent panic. Supermarkets fight coronavirus panic-buying with rationing.

Panic-buying has decimated shop shelves across the country. Read in Metro.
We’ve also observed a lot of folks on the other end of the spectrum…Folks who seem to be in total denial.

Eurovision’s Been Cancelled And People Are Saying Iceland Should Be Crowned The Winner Because Their Song’s An Absolute Banger. “Iceland are Eurovision’s Liverpool” Read in BuzzFeed UK.

They’re in the “it’s just a massive overreaction, it’s no worse than the flu” camp. I must admit, that was me for a while…but…

Man, 39, says coronavirus ‘feels so different’ to flu and what to look out for: Justin said walking to the bathroom now feels like “running a marathon” after first falling ill in early March, suffering from a headache and a deep ache in his lungs Read in Mirror Online.

Ideally, you should avoid being on either end of these spectrums. Neither in denial, nor panicked, but a considered view of reality.

Corona Simulator.

Whatever your beliefs are about the current state of the world, from a peak-performance standpoint you can’t go wrong with these three steps:

1. Don’t Deny — There is no debate that this is having an enormous global impact. As Lenin once said, “There are decades where weeks happen and there are weeks when decades happen”. Last week was closer to the latter. Acknowledge the facts as objectively as possible.

2. Don’t Panic — Panic is not useful. It hampers creativity, blocks us from flow (by skewing the challenge skills balance) and hampers our cognitive faculties.

From a neurobiological standpoint, panic literally makes you stupid.

Don’t panic.

Breath, relax, breath again, and then….

3. Take Action — All you can do is all you can do.

But, you SHOULD do all you can do, (and then not worry about the rest).

Why would you not?

As our stoic friend Epictetus said, “the more we value things outside of our control, the less control we have”.

The question is not “What can I control?” but “What do I value?”

Quickly determine what steps you can take to position yourself, your family and your business well.

Then execute against those steps and get it done. Once you’ve followed these three steps and done everything, you can kick-back and get back to work.

“Sustaining Peak Performance During A Pandemic – How To Be Your Best While The World Is At Its Worst”.

Some of what we’ll be covering:

• The neuroscience of fear, how it impacts performance, and how to stay calm throughout
• Managing distraction to balance planning and decision making for the worst while maintaining focus on what you can control
• Why doubling down on your flow and recovery practices is more critical than ever
• What each of us are doing to better ourselves and advance our mission during this period

Alan Robinson

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