Improve your veterinary practice.
Improve your life

The Veterinary Business Accelerator is a one-day event where you learn strategies and methods to help you improve the efficiency of your practice. It’s an introduction to our Platinum Academy and how we have helped practices survive, grow and prosper.

Reduce workload and eliminate work-related stress


Become a better leader and inspire your team


Cultivate outstanding relationships with high-quality clients


Practice owners and managers see it as an excellent CPD activity

Next VBA:

For independent practice owners and managers.

Where: Dublin, Ireland


Date: Tue 4th Oct 2016


Venue: The Croke Park


Price: £97 + VAT*

To Book Call 01793 435333

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As a practice owner, do you feel your business could be performing better? If so, this event is definitely for you.


The VBA gives you quality time to focus on training and development. It introduces you to some key principles and practical implementations specifically for veterinary business. Delegates use the day to develop new strategies for their practice.


Utilising what they learn at the VBA, practices increase profits by implementing a better overall strategy.

Next dates:

  • Tuesday 4th October - Dublin, Ireland

    Tuesday 4th October - Dublin, Ireland

    One day event at The Croke Park Hotel, £97* including lunch and refreshments

    To book call 01793 435333
I wish I knew this 10 years ago
- George Skinner

Effective processes that save you time

More efficiency means less time wasted, and a better work-life balance for you

Be an outstanding leader

Inspire your team to do great things

Help quality clients bond with your practice

Cultivate loyalty from people who value your profession

Develop a more effective pricing strategy

More competitively priced products and services can increase profitability

Grow, grow and grow

Learn how to increase your asset values and goodwill value year-on-year

Exit strategy

A well-planned exit strategy will help you retire comfortably


Next dates:

  • Tuesday 4th October - Dublin, Ireland

    Tuesday 4th October - Dublin, Ireland

    One day event at The Croke Park Hotel, £97* including lunch and refreshments

    To Book Call 01793 435333

The Day Includes:

Alan Robinson, industry expert, leads the way with an insightful lecture covering different topics

A coming together of like-minded veterinary professionals sharing ideas, inspiring each other

Practical ‘take-home’ advice that you can use to accelerate your business

A free hardcopy of 5 Ways to Immediately and Massively Grow Your Veterinary Practice by Alan Robinson

An introduction to the Vet Dynamics community

Lunch and refreshments throughout the day

Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday 4th October 2016 – Dublin, Ireland


To book call - 01793 435333

Vet School didn’t prepare you for the business world.

Without your education, you wouldn’t be the highly skilled veterinary professional that you are today. So it makes sense to give yourself business training for the successful management of your practice.


The VBA event is a great place to start. It combines expert insights, proven strategies and specialist business advice for independent practice owners.

TO BOOK CALL - 01793 435333

*Price stated is net and therefore before any UK or EU VAT rules have been applied