Vet Dynamics Business Bootcamp

Veterinary Business Bootcamp


15th & 16th May 2020

Jurys Inn Hinckley Island, Watling Street, Hinckley, LE10 3JA

An exciting CPD event for Independent Veterinary Entrepreneurs, Start-ups & Veterinary Business Owners & Managers


  • Are you confused by where the profession is heading?
  • Are you considering Starting-up, Exiting or Staying in the game?
  • Do you know what the next 5 years hold for veterinary business owners?
  • Would you like a clear pathway to financial and clinical success for your business and team?


Two day event. Includes accommodation and dinner

Grow, Transform, Exceed

£397 + VAT*

Early Bird Ends 31st Dec 2019

15th & 16th May 2020

Who should attend the bootcamp?

For any independent veterinary entrepreneur, start-up, or practice owner who:


      • Wants an up-to-date view of the profession as a whole
      • Wants to engage and empower their team
      • Is tired of working hard for little return
      • Believes that independent vets should thrive and prosper
      • Knows their business plan needs a overhaul
      • Wants to develop an entrepreneurial approach to veterinary business
      • Wants to network and learn with other select ambitious and progressive practice owners

What will I learn?

      • The effect of the 5 Big Waves on the veterinary profession over the next 5 years
      • How a veterinary business progresses from Start-up to Survival to Success to Freedom
      • The limiting mind sets and beliefs that keep vets and practice owners caught up in the ‘Busy-Trap’ and the specific strategies that get them up to the next level
      • How you balance the competing outcomes of profit, clinical care, client experience and team performance in a busy practice
      • Essentially, how to create your personal business and life strategy as a vet
      • Discover your Personal Pathway to success, in the
        ambiguity and confusion to come, using Talent Dynamics profiling
      • Discover exactly where your business is on the Vet Practice Spectrum

How much?

£497 + VAT*

Early Bird
£397 + VAT – ends 31st Dec 2019

FREE bonuses worth £1615 when you register…

  • 12 hours CPD over 2 days (Worth £847)
  • Special Rate Hotel Package, including access to leisure facilities (Worth £100)
  • Special Event Dinner (Worth £50)
  • Talent Dynamics Profile (Worth £97)
  • Veterinary Business Spectrum Questionnaire and Report (worth £197)
  • Business Guide – 5 Ways to Immediately and Massively Grow your Veterinary Practice (Worth £27)
  • Access to our Veterinary Business Accelerator on-line videos (Worth £297)


Please Note – Agenda may be subject to change


*Price includes – Dinner, Bed and Breakfast. Friday night dinner and accommodation only. Single Occupancy.


The 5 Big Waves

Understanding the 5 Big Waves is crucial for developing a long-term success strategy.

WAVE ONE: The Economy

Will the current boom last? Or are we heading for a low-growth, low-inflation downturn? Discover the economic trends set to dominate the next 10 years. And guess what? It has nothing to do with Brexit or Trump.

WAVE TWO: Demographics

When it comes to clients and employees, there are two opposing waves of demographics you need to consider:


        1. The changing needs of the Baby Boomers
        2. The expectations of the rising Millennials


At the bootcamp, you’ll learn how to balance these conflicting demographics for the benefit of everyone.

WAVE THREE: Corporatisation and Commoditisation

These factors in our industry are causing profound rates of change in infrastructure and psychology. Understanding how they affect you and your business is key to surviving and prospering in current and future conditions.

WAVE FOUR: Competition

At the bootcamp, the Vet Dynamics team will teach you how to reconfigure your perception of competition. These changes are challenging, but provide you with massive opportunities to grow and flourish.

WAVE FIVE: Communication and Technology

Because of exponential development, the impact of technology on our society in the coming years will be even greater than it’s been over the last ten years. Think Driverless Cars, Brainwave Tech., networks of devices connecting our homes and workplaces, AI Search Tech. such as Amazon’s Echo, Virtual and Augmented realities – all changing the way we connect and interact with each other.


Preparing for these technological developments is essential for staying ahead. If you ignore them, you could quickly find yourself being viewed as a relic. Coming along to the bootcamp will help you get into the right frame-of-mind and prepare you for the impending social changes.

The Pet-versus-Profit (PvP) Paradox

Where’s it come from and how to fix it


Inefficiency. Frustration. Poor profitability. Recognise the scenario? You’re not alone – most vets are overworked and rarely see a decent return on all the effort they put in.


Vet Dynamics has identified the main reason: you’re labouring under fear, guilt and obligation brought on by the burdens of altruism, social contract and non-commercialism.


We call it the Pet-versus-Profit Paradox.

At this year’s bootcamp, the Vet Dynamics team introduces you to this groundbreaking concept, looking at its roots and, ultimately, exploring the best ways to fix it.

Evidence-based Practice Management

You know that all good medicine and medical practice is based on evidence. It’s the best way to get effective and repeatable results. Well, it’s the same for business planning and practice management. Making good use of all the data at your disposal is essential for making things more efficient while at the same time increasing productivity.

It’s important that you base decision-making on evidence rather than guesswork. The Vet Dynamics team shows you how to develop a strategy for gathering, organising and analysing all the available evidence.

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About Vet Dynamics

Vet Dynamics is a team of business and veterinary professionals dedicated to helping independent practices improve their practice management. Between them they have many years experience working in both business development and veterinary arenas.

Having actual experience working in veterinary practices either as surgeons, nurses or receptionists means they have real insights into the problems you face on a day-to-day basis.

This event is designed to fill the gap in your veterinary education and help you achieve your long-term professional goals.


Because vet school didn’t really prepare you for the harsh realities of business, you find yourself delivering great animal care while at the same time struggling to develop the practice management and finance side of things.


This is where the Vet Dynamics Bootcamp comes in: by coming along, you’ll get two days packed with excellent business training for you and your team.


By the end of it, you’ll walk away with


          • a solid foundation to build on
          • a clearer understanding of the wider social context in which your business is growing
          • a revitalised enthusiasm for the future of your business


Essentially, this event is there to help ambitious independent vets chart a new course to success for themselves and the profession at large.

15th & 16th May 2020


£497 + VAT*
£397 +VAT – ends 31st Dec 2019

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