Weekly webinars during this pandemic for veterinary practices

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Sustaining Peak Performance During a Pandemic


Weekly webinars – Friday’s at 1pm!

Join us every Friday for our series of specially created webinars aimed at giving you the tools, information and inspiration needed to not just get through but to come out of these difficult times stronger, more capable and ready to thrive.

This Week:


Sustaining Peak Performance During A Pandemic: Back to the Future – creating your technical ecosystem

Hosted by Alan, Debbie, and guest speakers Thom Jenkins of PetsApp and Jack Peploe of VetIT Services.


Date – 29th May 2020
Time – 1pm BST

“There is no path. The path is created by walking.”
Spanish poet Antonio Machado


Everything has changed and the world we will be going back to will have changed forever – by attitudes, by ways of working and by technology.


Veterinary technology has been historically costly, complex and generally resisted by the profession. However the millennial world we will merge into is demanding an upgrade at all levels. Innovation fails because companies haven’t set up the right conditions, environment and, most crucially, structure to make it succeed.


Join us this Friday 29th May at 1.00 pm for our ‘Sustaining Peak Performance During A Pandemic’ webinar as we interview our technical experts Thom Jenkins of PetsApp and Jack Peploe of VetIT Services about building a profitable and sustainable technical ecosystem in your practice.