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Join us for our series of specially created webinars aimed at giving you the tools, information and inspiration needed to not just get through but to come out of these difficult times stronger, more capable and ready to thrive.

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Client Engagement In The New Normal


COVID has demanded practices rapidly respond to an ever-changing environment. Not only have you had to find new ways to continue to treat and save the animals in your care, but you have been forced, through necessity, to rethink client care both inside and outside of the practice. All these new ways of working have brought new fears and anxieties for pet owners and practice owners alike.


Now, more than ever, people need extra information, guidance, and support to navigate a novel set of challenges, from keeping their families safe, helping their children learn when schools are shut, to taking care of their family pet.


They want a resource they can trust, that can make them feel safe when everything seems uncertain, and that offers support when so much seems to be overwhelming.


The way veterinary practices step up to play this role for their clients, their employees, and the broader community, is likely to leave lasting memories in clients’ minds.


The first step in taking care of clients is to reach out – not in terms of marketing or overt attempts to gain a competitive edge, but to offer genuine support.


These experiences of your practice are critical for clients in the short term, and the impact will build positive relationships that are bound to last long after the crisis has ended.

In this webinar Whilmari and Debbie will be introducing the Client Journey and providing an overview on how to assess each ‘moment of truth’ of the client experience using Confidence, Competence and effective Communication as your building blocks.


Date –
Thursday 14th January 2020
Time – 7.30pm