Weekly webinars during this pandemic for veterinary practices

Webinar Series

Sustaining Peak Performance During a Pandemic


Weekly webinars – Friday’s at 1pm!

Join us every Friday for our series of specially created webinars aimed at giving you the tools, information and inspiration needed to not just get through but to come out of these difficult times stronger, more capable and ready to thrive.

This Week:


Sustaining Peak Performance During A Pandemic: Lessons From The Crisis

Hosted by Alan and Debbie.


Date – 26th June 2020
Time – 1pm BST

Over the past 16 weeks, we’ve delivered weekly webinars to help you through this crisis. We brought you experts on various subjects; we explored the neuroscience of fear, performance, and recovery; we equipped you to navigate the minefields of furlough, finance and personnel problems. We’ve survived the dip, sustained momentum, used innovation to solve new problems and discovered even more benefits from finding our flow.


Now, sixteen weeks after this series began, it’s time to reflect on the lessons we’ve learnt through all of this; how far we’ve come, and where we are now. The focus at the moment isn’t on resilience, psychology, predictions or performance; it’s a retrospective analysis of the facts, so we can extract and apply the most useful lessons we’ve learnt, to regenerate our business and our people in a sustainable way.


Join us this Friday, 26th June at 1pm and let’s build a better tomorrow.