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Join us for our series of specially created webinars aimed at giving you the tools, information and inspiration needed to not just get through but to come out of these difficult times stronger, more capable and ready to thrive.

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Plan Your Way Out of a Crisis
The Covid-19 Pandemic is going to cause a significant economic shake-up for many years. We will see an enormous impact on consumers, clients, and the way that businesses operate; and the veterinary profession is no exception.


How you fare is down to how well you plan, how thoroughly you prepare and how collectively, you and your team evolve.

Date –
Thursday 10th September 2020
Time – 2.00pm


Lead Your Way Out of a Crisis

The last few months have been an epic test of character for you and everyone in your work family.


So how can you bring everyone back together? How can you support your team members and rebuild engagement, flow, and trust?

Date –
Thursday 8th October 2020
Time – 2.00pm


Perform Your Way Out of a Crisis

Financial challenges are approaching over the coming months; the deferred VAT bill is due, furlough grants are ending, the recession is biting and unemployment rising. The effects will be felt everywhere and by everyone.


This will make the age-old problem for practice owners; “how to ensure the team has the professional pride and confidence to charge correctly for their time and services”, even more relevant and important.

Date –
Thursday 5th November 2020
Time – 2.00pm


Market Your Way Out of a Crisis

COVID has demanded you rapidly respond to very different demands on your services. Not only have you had to find new ways to continue to treat and save the animals in your care, but you have been forced, through necessity, to rethink client care both inside and outside of the practice. All these new ways of working have brought new fears and anxieties for pet owners and practice owners alike.


How have consult times been impacted, and how will you measure client feedback moving forward? Pre-empting scenario’s and supporting and empathising with clients will go a long way to nurturing those critical relationships.


The eye of the storm may have passed for now, but what legacy has remained?

Date –
Thursday 10th December 2020
Time – 2.00pm